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The Rusnak Content Management System

A new way to manage your website's content

The Rusnak Content Management System is an all-in-one solution for managing your website's content. The Rusnak Content Management System has been designed to make creating and editing a website easy even for absolute beginners, while still building in robust features that power users and developers can use to build unique, custom web sites quickly and easily.

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Admin Content

Edit your website's content with ease with the Rusnak CMS System's easy to use Administration interface.

The Rusnak Content Management System's easy to use administration interface makes it easy for anyone to manage their own website, even if they have limited technical experience. At the heart of the Rusnak CMS system is a powerful yet easy to understand system of creating pages for your website. To build a website, you simply create the pages of your website that you want. Then you can create pieces of content inside of the Rusnak CMS' administration panel and easily add these pieces of content to your pages. The pages of your website can have one or more pieces of content added to them and you can also add a piece of code to any page in any location that you desire.

Editing a Page
Editing a Page

Adding a piece of content or code to a page is simply a matter of choosing where on the page you want the content to appear and adding the appropriate piece of content to the page using the easy to use admin interface.

While Rusnak CMS has many features that make it easy for non-technical users to use, it also has developer oriented features designed to make adding code to a website running the Rusnak CMS a snap. Rusnak CMS features an incredibly easy to use template system that for the most part consists of HTML templates, with just a little bit of PHP code sprinkled in to allow users to dynamically add content inside of the templates. Rusnak CMS also features a built in LESS CSS complier to help you write CSS code faster, cleaner and more efficiently than with plain CSS alone.

The Rusnak CMS system also features a modular based system for adding your own custom code to a site running the Rusnak CMS. There are no special procedures you have to run to get your code to work and no remembering what code has to hook into where to get a piece of code to show up inside of your website. Simply write a piece of code inside of a module file that sits in your site's modules directory and then tell Rusnak CMS that your piece of code exists. Once Rusnak CMS knows about your code and you have given your module a name, you can add it to one or more pages!

All Modules

Use the modules interface to tell the Rusnak CMS where your code exists on the server. Once you create a modules entry for your code, you can then add your code to any page of your site using the pages menu.

In addition to all of the great features already mentioned about the Rusnak Content Management System, Rusnak CMS also includes the following features:

  • Blogging module to allow you to create and post blog posts
  • User management, including account registration, user login and admin ability to rename users or change their passwords
  • Easy to edit site settings where site admin can change the site name, disable new user registrations, change the blog settings and more
  • Auto-generated page navigation as well as the option to allow or deny a page to appear in the site navigation
  • LESS CSS database caching and cache manager to clear database CSS cache
  • Built from the ground up to be lightweight and secure

We here at RusnakWeb hope that you will try our Rusnak Content Management System on your website. Download the Rusnak CMS today!