Installation Quick Start Guide

Rusnak CMS Installation Quick Start:

Installing the Rusnak Content Management System is a quick and simple process.  This guide will show you how to install the Rusnak Content Management System on your web hosting.

Step 1:

Download the Rusnak CMS zip file and extract the contents to your desktop or another folder

Step 2:

Open the Rusnak CMS folder and find the inc folder.  Inside of the inc folder there is a file named config.php.  Open the config.php file in a text editor, such as Notepad, Notepad++ or Sublime Text. 

Step 3:

Fill out your MySQL connection details by giving values to the $mysqli_host, $mysqli_username, $mysqli_password and $mysqli_dbname variables.  If your database server is not on localhost change the $mysqli_host value from localhost to your database host.

Step 4:

Choose a database prefix, or leave the script's default "rusnak_" prefix in place.  If you change the prefix, you'll need to update the installation-queries.sql file to match your new prefix instead of the default.

Step 5:

Give the $domain variable a value of your site's domain name.  If you plan to use www in your domain name, the value would be something like  Without www, your domain would look like

Step 6:

Set the $useRoot variable to the appropriate setting.  You should usually run the Rusnak CMS in the root of your web domain, so usually it is ok to leave this set to true.

Step 7:

Determine if you want to use pretty code tags on your site.  Set the $usePrettyCodeTags variable to true if you need pretty code tags.  Otherwise, you can set this to false.  Pretty code tags help your website display code posted in content so that your website visitors can view and copy the code.

Step 8:

Run the installation-queries.sql file on your database.  This will create the tables and data required for the Rusnak CMS to run.

Step 9:

Upload the contents of the Rusnak CMS folder to your web hosting using a file upload program such as WinSCP or Filezilla.

Step 10:

Log in to your site by going to  The default username is Admin and the default password is Admin123.

Step 11:

Log in to your site's Admin Control Panel at

Step 12:

Click on the "Manage Users" option to load a list of the users on your site.  The Admin user should be the only user currently on your site.  Next to the Admin user, click on "Edit".  Then use the form to change your account password and optionally your username and email address. 

It is important to change your password to protect your website and account from malicious users.

Installation Complete!

At this point your site should be fully installed and ready for you to use!  If you need help beyond setting up your site please see our user documentation.